The gate closed behind them. The door opened in front of them. The ceiling opened above them. The floor opened beneath them. They all fell for what felt like hours, and when they landed, it wasn't with a concussive thump, but a soft, gentle bounce. They had landed in a huge pile of foam and packing material.

They took a moment to get their bearings. They were at least twenty feel below where they originally stood. They were trapped in a rectangular hole approximately ten by six feet. They didn't find any doors or openings.

They began to panic. They cried. They wailed. They got angry with each other. They slowly calmed down and began reassessing their situation. They decided to wait a while and see if anybody came by to rescue them.

They waited for an hour. They waited for another hour. They watched as the sky began to darken. They came to the realization that they were not going to be rescued. They slowly resigned to their fate.

They fell asleep.

They woke up the next morning. They survived the night. They were warm from body heat. They were a little hungry. They had nothing to eat. They waited for another hour.

They noticed a shadow crossing the edge of the hole. They began shouting. They saw a pair of eyes peer over the edge of the hole. They saw that the eyes were not of this world. They began to panic. They knew that they would never escape.


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