"This dream - it was better than waking."

"That's incredibly flawed. Inherantly flawed. You can't control the dream - for all you know, in the next few moments, you could've... You could've turned up to someone's wedding. Someone you hated. Or worse, someone you loved."

"If that's the kind of dreams you have, I'm not surprised you can't understand how a dream could be better than waking." I made a face. "That's really the best you can come up with? Oooh, a dream wedding." My nose wrinkled. "Is that a pun?"

"A very strained one." She replied, going to make something to drink. "Coffee?"

"I don't want anything that'll keep me awake. Tea."

"Tea still has caffiene - "

"Not as much."

"Fine, fine."

"Now, you - you've never tried lucid dreaming."

She turned, staring at me like I'd just told her I was joining an obscure cult. "Lucid dreaming isn't real."

"Yes, it is. That's exactly what it is. You dream, you make choices. And - well, I'm not telling you the choices I made." I smirked. "He was - "

"I don't want to know the choices you made!" She squealed, covering her ears.

"They were damn fine choices."

"You are horrendous."

"Very satisfying choices."

"Stop. Please."

"Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, we were having dinner together. Tomorrow night, though..."

She poured the coffee. "Is this what it's come to? Dating online was a little too real, so now you're dating in dreams?"

"You're saying it as if it's a bad thing."

"I want you happy. With someone. Someone who exists."

- - - - -

"You wouldn't believe the lucid dream I had last night."

"Andrew, lucid dreaming isn't real."

"We had dinner together - I think I'm going to see her again tonight..."

"There's something wrong with you. Very wrong."


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This dream was better than waking.
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