She stumbled blindly through the woods, images of every horror movie she'd ever seen flashing through her mind. Admittedly there were very few of them, but they all seemed to involve people getting lost in the woods and meeting an untimely end. The Blair Witch Project had been the most recent, and she hadn't been able to sleep for weeks after watching it. But this was only a game.

Only a game. She kept repeating the words under her breath, letting them calm her. Only a game. None of this was real. Her best friend, lying motionless on the ground behind her, that was just a trick he was playing on her. He knew what a scaredy-cat she was. In a moment he'd leap up, pushing the hair out of his eyes and grin at her. Right?

Unwilling to chance it she carried on, ignoring the foliage scratching her bare legs. Only a game. And besides, if she kept moving, she'd be at the edge of the woods soon. It couldn't be far. Unless she'd gone in the wrong direction. Had she?

Only a game. And the hand touching her arm, pulling her back, was all part of it. Righ


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Gone Awry almost 12 years ago

This was wonderful! I simply must know what happens next!

JulieFisher (joined almost 12 years ago)
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Student, language enthusiast, amateur historian, traveller, and most importantly WRITER! I spend my days blogging, writing travel journals, and trying to keep the creative writing going with short stories while waiting for that brilliant novel idea to come along.

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