This dream was better than waking.

Awake the pain from the bruises was beyond belief. In this dream, I was pain free and dancing in his arms. He had come up behind me and I'd heard just his footsteps softly approach me, followed by a gentle cough. I'd glanced over my shoulder and looked straight into his deep brown eyes.He'd held out his hand and asked "May I?"I'd gratefully turned into his open arms and let him whirl me onto the floor. For twenty minutes I was in heaven as we waltzed around and around.

Then downstairs he dropped a pan and pulled me from my delight. Maybe if I tried to sleep again....


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Gone Awry about 13 years ago

Bruises, eh? What exactly is going on here?

paulette67uk about 13 years ago

I don't really know. I didn't give the back story consideration. I just wrote what came out. I suppose she's had an accident and her other half was making dinner whilst she slept/recovered.

paulette67uk (joined about 13 years ago)

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painful romantic noisy


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hero Candice
villain Martin
goal An optimistic outlook
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