I'm with stupid. It's Jerry's favorite T-shirt. He wears it all the time. It doesn't matter where we're going, he'll wear the shirt. Church, court, the museum-- he just shrugs his shoulders and gives me that grin when I ask him not to wear it. The more inappropriate the occasion, the more it seems to spur him to wear it.

Jerry's never really cared about impressions, that I get. But he also doesn't seem to get that I do. Sometimes, I think he gets some sick pleasure out of watching me squirm while he's talking to a prospective client at a cocktail party wearing that shirt. He'll even pull on it while he's talking, obstensibly brushing some crumbs off that have collected on his belly, but really it's just to stretch out the front of the shirt, make it real obvious to the suit. He always looks them in the eye, waiting for their reaction. They almost always look away.

Any time there's a picture taken, he makes sure to get next to the most conservative looking suit he can find. He'll stand next to them, grinning that insane smile, his hair


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Gone Awry over 10 years ago

*giggle* so funny. I'm with stupid. haha.

kiyote23 (joined over 10 years ago)
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