I had a dream the other night. Meazles, my cat from when I was a crabby twelve year old, was driving a city bus and trying to run me down. It was terrifying. I don't even know why I would have a dream like that. I mean, I loved that cat. He was my constant companion until I left for college. I always felt guilty that I couldn't take him with me. Even after I got my own apartment, they didn't allow pets, so I only saw Meazles once in awhile when I would visit my parents. I wonder if he resented it in some way. I'm beginning to think he did.

So in this dream, I'm crossing the street and I realize that not only am I the size of a mouse, but I'm naked as well. I'm running between the feet of the crowd in the crosswalk, who thankfully are not seeing me. But Meazles does. He gets this look in his eye like when he used to torture a bird and then he hits the gas. I wonder if I need therapy.


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Gone Awry almost 12 years ago

Good! And, in my opinion, no, you don't need therapy! lol

ChrissDalenKlaastad (joined almost 12 years ago)

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