The ice road stretched in an endless arc ahead of them, spiralling and curving amongst the tall pine trees like a child's marble run which had been exquisitely crafted out of snow. The sun was barely able to climb higher than the trees at this time of day, and she felt a shiver as the heater in the old car battled the sub-zero temperatures in mid-January here in the North. Her hands gripped the steering wheel more tightly as she concentrated on getting to the hospital safely, hoping against hope that she would be in time to bid her old friend a final farewell before the cancer which had overwhelmed Josie's life was replaced by the rather more benevolent Death.
And then what ?
Meeting God? Or a permanent oblivion?

She sensed rather than saw or felt the falling pine................


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Gone Awry over 13 years ago

Wonderful! Hits close-ish to home. Falling accident?

Scribbler (joined over 13 years ago)

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