He set the plate before her. She forced a smile, painted lips curving upwards to reveal tips of white teeth. This was his proposal, the setting down of that plate. If she refused to eat, she could leave whenever she wanted without fuss. If she chose to taste of his food, then his actions would be without consequence.

"Are you going to eat?" He asked, sitting down opposite her and picking up his wine glass by the stem with long fingers.
"Are you not?" She replies, voice quiet and on the point of breaking over every sound.
"This is for you, the time for you to make a choice."
She speared a piece of steak with her fork and twirled in front of her, watching the blood swirl and drip down the fork. Rare, exactly as he liked it.

Her hands shook as she ate her meal silently, could feel his eyes on her throughout the whole ordeal. He would claim she had no idea what she was agreeing to. She would argue that she knew exactly what she was doing; it was him that had no clue what he had just accepted.


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Gone Awry about 12 years ago

Kinda reminds me of that greek myth. The one about Persephone, and how, because she ate three pomegranete seeds, she had to marry Hades and spend three months a year (aka winter) in the underworld. ring any bellsÉ

JoFitz (joined over 12 years ago)

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