What's this then?I've never seen one of these before...it looks a bit suspicious to me.

It looks like food, but it has strange skin. I'll sniff it and see if it is food. Ugh! What a strange smell, like sweet smells that come on the winds. I'll lick it. Hmm..it tastes good, a bit salty though. It's moving, so it isn't dead yet. Argh...I can't get that awful taste out of my mouth. I could get poisoned if I eat this, but can I last another day without food? Pewk, that tastes bad.I think I'll leave this to the Hyenas, it's ok if they get sick..hee, hee.

I'd rather have a Wilderbeast.

I need a pee.


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Gone Awry over 11 years ago

Very good. You looked into the brain of that lion and dismantled it's thoughts! Well done!

MuseShack (joined over 11 years ago)
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