Proles. Can't live with them, cant get elected without them. If I had my way, we'd remove them from the process entirely and let the "adults" handle the important stuff. Sure, we'll throw them a bone every once in a while, you know, just to keep up the illusion that they hold some sort of sway, but honestly, who cares what they really think.

The worst are the ones who try to organize. Luckily, all it takes is a well-timed act of violence. Hell, sometimes it doesn't even require anything more than a vague threat. Remember the dairy farmer uprising? All it took was one suicide bovine attack, and we were back in command.

Damn the proles. Filthy, vulgar masses. Feed them a steady stream of garbage on their vid screens. Keep them involved in the lives of celebrities. Leak just enough narcotic substances to keep them high and quiet, and we'll be in charge for eternity.

Proles and cons. That's all they are.


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ganymeder about 13 years ago

That was an awesome take on the theme. Nicely done!

Galen about 13 years ago

Perfect final line.

theshoes76 (joined over 13 years ago)

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