My discovery took the world by storm.

The university had sent me to South America to carry out research into unfound species in the Amazon forest. The remit was wide, almost too wide, in fact, as wide as the forest itself. After all, where do you start? And, what was I looking for?

The going was hard. Dense foliage, humidity, bugs, leeches, snakes, ants and a million other species that wanted me...for lunch. Then I saw it...nestling in the thick vegetation, it looked out at me with eyes that seemed to be on the end of sticks. I approached it and put out my hand to see if it would lick me or sniff me. The damn thing bit me and my arm swelled up instantly and my breathing became restricted...I was dying...I needed help and I had no communication device with me...I was right up the Prole


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ganymeder over 11 years ago

Oh, man... he really was up the 'prole!' LOL

MuseShack (joined over 11 years ago)
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humour survival danger


humour survival danger


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