"SUFFRAGETTE!" I looked around quickly. Nope. Nobody heard me. I wanted the throne but I was 'just a girl' and there were certain people in certain high places that thought that wasn't becoming a young lady.

The bishop was an ass.

Actually, the bishop was approaching *on* an ass. Perfect. With him out of the way nothing much would stop me. I sat in the branch over the path he was sure to follow, waiting for my chance. As he rode under the tree I dropped, garrote in my hands. I quickly looped the twine around his neck and tightened the handles.

He didn't last a minute.

As he slid to the ground off the ass I slipped the bloodied weapon under my skirts and made my way back to the Castle.

The throne would be mine. Now I just had to get rid of the old man King.


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Gone Awry over 13 years ago

Absolutely wonderful. Funny, though. Every story that isn't mine that i've read to this prompt, has the princess murdering the bishop.

tony_mcfadden (joined over 13 years ago)

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sneaky deadly


Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A shadowy princess
villain A brooding bishop
goal Claim the throne
Prompt suggested by Gone Awry


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