"You have six minutes" He said before he closed the heavy, metal door and slammed the heavy, metal bolt shut.

"Six minutes to do what?!" I shouted, pounding on the heavy, metal door in a dark room. I searched my pockets and found this match. Lucky me. I strike it, and find a treasure trove of books, but I can't read them with this. I throw open the first one I see, and all that is written across every page is "It was a pleasure to burn." in a serif font. I think it might have been Times New Roman, I couldn't be sure with just a match.

I looked around the room more, and found a light switch. Flicking it, I shook the primitive light source I had and squinted at the harsh white lighting of the room.
I saw a clock against one wall, counting down. Had I used up five minutes and thirty seconds already? I don't know what they want me to do, so I sit myself down next to the heavy, metal door and wait for the man.


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Fablanta over 10 years ago

Although the pictorial prompt is taken a bit too literally I like the way 6MS task has been incorporated into the story itself.

SeanTheSheep123 (joined almost 12 years ago)

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