He laid back, eyes closed, a smile stretched across his face. Summer never felt so good; the sun beating down made him relaxed, and he felt like he could sprawl out on the grass all day long.

With eyes closed, his mind drifted to summers past, lying on the grass with his dog Buddy after catching a frisbee back and forth. His mind was in another place, somewhere peaceful, simple, romantic even.

A place where the sun rises and sets with beautiful colors, where the grass is plush and Kelly Green. A place where the sailboats against the sunset have magical silhouettes, and the lights on the dock cast shadows on the lovers kissing by the shore.

He could dream about this life all day. This life, he thought, is his dream. A summer paradise full of hope and happiness.


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Gone Awry almost 11 years ago

very good. original too, how you did it on the chimp's point of veiw.

NYgirlLovesCA (joined over 11 years ago)
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I'm 34 and live in NY.

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