Gradually, that was how the world where it was okay to be a geek, a fangirl, a dork, herself, came into being.

It started with an acquaintance who knew the animated series who became a best friend.

It grew with a sister who accepted everything and opened her eyes to new worlds.

But it finally became real to her when she met him, the boy who pushed her fringe out of her eyes and led her onto the dance floor when she was sad. Who had moved closer in the fog and who had taken her hand without asking. The boy who had recognised the quote on her shirt and who had noticed her when she said something geeky.

He made it okay for her to show her true colours by liking her because of it, not just in spite of it.

He wasn't pretending to be impressed, he was just interested, nor was he patronising, seeing her as a novelty.

Gradually she regained the confidence which she had lost by being told that she shouldn't like what she liked, gradually she regained her voice, gradually she regained her strength.

But there was nothing gradual about falling in love with him for it.


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Tommy-Louise (joined almost 13 years ago)
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The loud chick in the corner.

With the big eyes.

And the notebook in her bag.

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