It was just a glimpse. Her face was crystal clear. In his hurry he bumped into her as he walked past, and then in shame continued anonymously into the crowd.

Why was she HERE? She should be halfway around the world, or at least anywhere but the same small city in Japan. What were the chances two people would randomly pick this relatively unknown place for a vacation?

Who was she, anyways?

* * *

He walked right past her. Didn't even seem to recognize her. So frustrating!
She just wanted some sign from him that she existed! She tracked him down and his vacation and came halfway around the world to this large town just to get a reaction from him!

It's not like she could introduce herself anymore:
"Oh, hi!"
"Oh, aren't you that girl that's been stalking me for years?"

So she had to wait. But he didn't show any sign of recognition, he didn't run or avoid her, he didn't even call the cops. Couldn't he at least please call the cops?


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TimSevenhuysen over 11 years ago

Ha! Mildly dark, but it made me laugh, mostly.

Pustevis over 11 years ago

I shall not read into this in a meaningful way. I will, however, call the cops.

Pustevis over 11 years ago

Sorry about the repost. I don't know how it got there...

Pustevis over 11 years ago


ffreak3 (joined almost 12 years ago)

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