Green bows were her signature hair accessory. Abby, with her fiery red, curly hair, always had a green bow. Her grandmother thought it was special to represent her Irish heritage, her mom thought it was a phase. Last year, when Abby was 8, she wore rain boots wherever she went. The green bows were just "a thing."

In school, though, the bows didn't go over so well with the other kids. Abby was teased for always wearing them, gettin called names for looking the same everyday. Bonnie was a mean girl at Abby's school, and ripped Abby's favorite green bow out of her hair one day. It was a bow with the Boston Celtics logo on it, her dad's favorite team. Bonnie's dad liked the Lakers, and so she got mad at Abby, ripped the bow out along with some curly red strands from Abby's head, threw it into a puddle, stomped, then spit on it.

Abby cried and cried, and the next day, Friday, she wore a green Celtics bow again. This time with a Celtics t-shirt, and told Bonnie that it didn't matter what she wore, she was better than Bonnie because she didn't hurt people, and she walked away with her head high. Bonnie put her hands on her hips and said she wasn't scared of Abby.

Bonnie never bothered Abby again, and Abby continued to wear her green bows that whole year, and next year, she would switch to a new signature accessory.


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