Not particularly cosy and warm during dinner when all are bundled up on the sofas watching tv with the woes of work peering through the keyhole of the door tightly shut.

Nor tranquil and soothing in the morning as you slump through the pale blue bathroom with your body and mind working aggressively against the inevitable routine that will discharge all the energy you gained during last night's rest.

It conveys less about passion and adventure for love and life than the vivid red that somehow decided to reside the kitchen walls to remind everyone that your life mostly happen during meals.

It does not conform to the philosophy of the dignified shade of white in the study that dare not tamper with imagination, concentration or mostly lack thereof.

It does not blend in with the cream carpets or clear glasss, the glossy wooden floors or chunky metal fixtures.

It does however sit politely in the corner of every room, breathing and reminding of fresh air and freedom, that no confinement of any color can ever reproduce before leaving your house for the great outdoors.


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