"But I like green."

"You would. Green is a very you colour." She waved her hand, apparently indicating his shirt. "You look good in green."

He raised his eyebrows, surprised. "Do I?"

She ignored it, ignored her cheeks going pink - there was no point to this line of conversation, she was not going to think about it.

Except that he did look good in green, very good. Something about dark hair and dark green and those eyes -

"I just don't think green is a good colour for a rug. I don't think it'll go in the living room. Besides, what'll the others think? No. Not green. Something...neutral."

"Neutral is boring." He replied simply, looking down at her. "The walls are already fairly neutral, the floor is mostly neutral, and if we're not careful we will become neutral colours. Boring, dull neutral colours."

She glanced down at the blues she was wearing. "I don't want to be neutral."

"So let's be green. An accent piece, isn't that what they say on those horrendous home makeover things you love?"

"I don't love them, I just...like them. A bit."

"Whatever, whatever. Green." He picked up the rug in question, holding it against her outfit. "See? It matches. Or co-ordinates. Or something. It looks good." He smiled slightly. "You'd look good in green. Maybe you should wear one of my shirts."

She felt her cheeks darken, mentally stomping all over any ideas she may have had.

"Or a blue rug?"


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bespectakate over 13 years ago

XD Sorry, clearly not taking it seriously. (I want to believe it was teal, the lovechild and blue and green)

Pustevis over 13 years ago


bespectakate over 13 years ago

What's what? ^^;;

Pustevis over 13 years ago

The decision - colour. Sorry, I was "in the moment".

bespectakate (joined over 13 years ago)
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