(Author's Note: To read Part 1, follow this link: http://sixminutestory.com/stories/somewhere-better.)


All around her was greenery, stretching beyond the horizons, undulating and flowing. If she had ever been outside the confines of the busy city, she might have compared it to endless fields of gently waving, emerald green wheat.

The city. Where had the city gone?! She had been there just a moment ago... Hadn't she?

She liked the city. At least, she thought she did. It was familiar. It was comfortable. It was scary at times, and intimidating, but it was a fear she *knew*, one she had always been able to navigate, through one desperate means or another.

"The city is far away," said the rolling of thunder, the swelling of the sea, the soothing balm of a warm wind. "You have come to Somewhere Better now."

Just as when it had spoken before, the voice seemed to simultaneously come from both sides of her. She turned to look, and saw a small animal with a solemn expression on its serious face. Serious but joyful, she thought. Solemn, but blessed.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"We are Someone Good."

(Click the following link for Part 3: http://sixminutestory.com/stories/somewhere-better-part-3.)


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