Colour of greed, colour of money, mostly.

Apartheid is long gone, but the mind of the elders (my parents) still fondly rememeber that history where advancements were meaningful and plenty. A time where the "whites ruled the land" and "the country was better for it".

Completely oblivious to their historical visit I brought myself to watch news beside my father and had a stingy comment to make on the concerns of some Western Cape citizens that feel threatened by "the freedom of of all citizens to apply for jobs and be transfered across the country unconditionally". Sounds silly to me since, law or no law, this has had been always the case.

"Coloureds might lose their jobs to the blacks and the goverment have all the intentions to do so."

Coloureds live mostly in the Western Cape province which is 'ruled' by the Democratic Party - a party consisting mostly of whites and coloureds
whereas the government consists mostly of blacks. Now this party suggests a law to be made to protect the local community by benefiting local comunities first when applying for vacancies.

I mistakenly remarked that laws like these would cause more friction between the goverment and the multi-cultural nation when the underlining suggestions would empower a single culture or ethnic group, but my dad was having none of it, and started rambling irattional phrases with plenty of colours in it.

Being part of the generation after the fall of the "apartheid-era" I have no built-in racism towards my fellow men and long for a true democratic country where there's sincerely !ke e: /xarra /ke or "Unity In Diversity". For now though, don't look for gold at the end of the rainbow nation - the goverment has stolen it.


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Galen over 13 years ago

Typos or no typos, fantastic story! When you have enough Reputation, you'll be able to edit your stories, but if you want to point out the typos here, I'll fix them for you. And definitely, sincerely, welcome to Six Minute Story.

Pustevis over 13 years ago

Cool! And thanks- 'sincerely' and 'racism' got me off-guard when I posted it.

Galen over 13 years ago

Fixed. :)

Pustevis over 13 years ago

A few spelling errors I should have corrected.. *punch myself*

Pustevis (joined over 13 years ago)

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