Green. Indubitably so. A vast expanse if it, spreading out to the horizon. Different shades breaking it up into sections. Lush, vibrant, light squares surrounded by dark borders.

I started running. Tearing through the blissful countryside, wind passing through my hair. I was free at last. Free to do anything I wanted.

I vaulted over a hedge, the chains on my feet ploughing the top. Faint sounds of barking came from far behind me. They were coming for me. Gotta go faster.

I found a road, hopped a fence over onto it and headed down the side, keeping my head down. I didn't get far, though.

Blazing sirens tore down the road towards me, and skidded to a halt. A man in blue stepped out of the car and pointed a gun at me.

"This is the Police! Put your hands in the air!"


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James Vernon (joined over 12 years ago)
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"Hummingbird" James Vernon is a 16 year old A-Level student in England. He likes video games, tabletop games and making fun of things. In this way, he is much like the majority of the internet.

Unfortunately, like the majority of the internet, he isn't good at any of these either. However, he considers himself pretty good at writing.

And also at consistently using the third person. And also at thinking up terrible nicknames for himself.
And also at using the sentence beginning "And also."

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