Even bigger than Daddy.

Evie looked up at the ship as they waited for the cars to start boarding.
"What happens if it sinks, Daddy?"
"It won't sink, pet."
"But what if it does?"
"It won't." Evie sighed and looked back again. There were people moving around, she could see them. Little ants pulling ropes and other official-looking things.
"Why isn't Mummy coming?"
"She can't, pet. She would if she could."
Evie held tight onto Daddy's hand when the tannoy rang out.
"Please make your way back to your cars now. Boarding will begin shortly."
They went back and got strapped in. Evie thought that was pointless since they were getting out again in a minute but Daddy stayed silent.
The cars snaked up the ramp and onto the other-worldly atmosphere of the ferry. They got out and the smell of oil hit Evie, wrinkling her nose in disgust. They made their way up to the deck. Evie saw a car pull up at the dock and a woman wave goodbye to the ship. She narrowed her eyes but the glare of the sun was too much.
The ship pulled away and Daddy sighed deeply and closed his eyes. Evie never took her eyes off the woman at the dock, and then she was gone.


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