I thought I should've won this contest, but I clearly couldn't think of any number larger than the theoretical 1st entry of the 2nd series of busy beaver numbers.

Okay, yeah, the 2nd number, obviously, but then I would have to rigorously define it, and I don't understand the math well enough for that.

"Good game"
"You admit defeat?"
"Yes, I admit defeat. Your knowledge of large numbers and advanced mathematics is clearly superior to mine."
" . . . aaaaaaand?"
" . . . and this is a clear fact even though I've spent 7 years of university and 3 more years of highschool than you did"
" . . . aaaaaaand?"
" . . . and my papers have been published, and you haven't even written one yet."
" . . . aaaaaaand?"
" . . . and you're only 14 years old", I sighed.

Now I knew how my lecturers had felt when I was going through university.
Damn child geniuses.


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Gone Awry almost 12 years ago

Wow. Very good! They did a child genius thing on 1 vs. 100 once, and i swear, they did not have the required IQ points to be considered geniuses. 140 is the genius level, and that one girl's was only 135. Child genius, indeed!

ffreak3 (joined about 12 years ago)

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