We waited for the curtain to go down, some patiently and obliviously to the palpable tension between Fran and I. Once again she'd tried to force me to go into the final act without the correct props. Once again she'd sabotaged, or rather tried to sabotage my costume. But I wouldn't be held back. I was going to upstage her no matter that my backside was revealed to the entire audience. She thought I wouldn't turn and face her? Apparently she was unaware of my tenacity and forgot that I'd seen her in action before. To that end, so to speak, I'd made a bold decision and had my understudy write in Sharpie marker across my derriere "The Show MUST go on." And it did.

The audience roared with laughter, drowning out Fran's last lines. Who got the last laugh? Oh yes, mon petit pussycat. Twas I in my scandalously scanty panty with the pseudo "bum-per" sticker.
I took my final bows to the audience and then again turned to bow just for Fran's benefit.


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