"She was the most delicate girl in town,"

I put down my glass.


"You know, delicate" and he moved his hands as if to express the shape "Like a flower is or a painting. She had a softness. And it was hot down there all year pretty much so she was like all the other girls and wore the cotton dresses but she wore them differently. Just by herself, you know, I mean she wasn't trying."

"So you mean she was pretty."

"I mean delicate."

"And you never worked it out with her? This very...delicate girl?"

"Well I got beat to it. And I moved to Richmond, that too."

"You got beat by this guy that just died."

"My friend Mourson. Yeah."

"You never think--"

"Oh no."

"You sound like you had it for her pretty bad."

"You're looking at it from the wrong end- back to front, I mean. You have to think, her and Mourson were married for fifty one years. What was I going to do? Move her to Richmond with me? I had to start a business."


"Nah, no maybe. I did better for myself."

"And you never heard from her?"

"No she wrote me sometimes."

"Oh SHE wrote you?


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She was the most delicate girl in town.
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