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2070 was a calendar year beginning on Wednesday.


January 20: President Donald Trump VIII abdicates the office after insurrections by members of the rival Hilton party.

February 17: Rogue gorillas overtake the Smithsonian museum. Order is restored by armed robots after spraying plasma indiscriminately into the crowd.

February 18: Rogue robots overtake the Smithsonian museum. Order is restored by 30,000 members of the American Civil Defense Order after spraying plasma indiscriminately into the crowd.

March 3: World's first computer made entirely of living matter created from the DNA of rhesus monkeys and contains...

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Deluxe. Five bedrooms, four baths. Swimming pool.

So are they all. Four solid blocks. Beach all the way to the highway. Green roofs and white polyurethane fences to separate properties.

The mall, when I was young, Had three shops and a bar. When we stopped going, they had a movie theater built.

And there were horses too. Wild horses. The shit you see in movies. Harming one carried a $50,000 fine.

They moved them out to an island off the cape, I've heard. The developers weren't happy when they started getting hit by Excursions.

The mall is gigantic. It has...

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"She was the most delicate girl in town,"

I put down my glass.


"You know, delicate" and he moved his hands as if to express the shape "Like a flower is or a painting. She had a softness. And it was hot down there all year pretty much so she was like all the other girls and wore the cotton dresses but she wore them differently. Just by herself, you know, I mean she wasn't trying."

"So you mean she was pretty."

"I mean delicate."

"And you never worked it out with her? This very...delicate girl?"

"Well I got...

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