The conversation lasted two words: 'Come on.'

She couldn't refuse. His large, blue eyes pleaded with her and as he held out his hand, she smiled and took it. He lead her into the garden and down the narrow path flanked by roses on one side and neat lawn on the other. The sun was beating down on the top of their heads, and he started to run, pulling her along. She started to laugh.

They reached the very spot, and he pointed solemnly. Lisa bent slowly, tucking her grey skirt beneath her carefully to stop herself toppling over. The ladybird was oblivious to the two pairs of eyes watching it as it chewed at the leaf. Lisa counted the spots. Seven. Wasn't that supposed to be lucky, or a sign that summer was here? She couldn't remeber, but she looked sideways at Ben and felt full of love at the look of awe on his face.

'Can I keep him?'

With that, the ladybird took flight, much to Lisa's relief.


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The conversation lasted two words:
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