Wow. The Statue of Liberty. I've lived in New York my whole life, and have personally seen it one time, and it's on my I heart NY credit card, of course. I played the Statue of Liberty once in a 5th grade play about America. I was "Miss Libby" and I sang about inflation. "The Red White and Blues" my song was called. I was 11. I wasn't a very great singer, but my teacher had great faith in me, as did my mother. There's a VHS tape of it somewhere, I do know that. Only once, though, have I ever seen it in person. People think you live in New York City when you tell them you're a New Yorker. "Where's your accent?" I, in fact, live 6 hours from NYC, in an Upstate city called Rochester. Kodak's home, if you're familiar. Close to Buffalo, if you care to like their sports teams. Home of Taye Diggs, if you're into celebrities. Also home to Susan B. Anthony, Fredrick Douglass, and George Eastman, but who's counting? There's a little New York History lesson for you. I digress.


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NYgirlLovesCA about 13 years ago

: )

Galen about 13 years ago

I like the tone, the chipper teacher. :)

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