She felt stupid. Stupid? No, she felt worse then that. She felt bipolar and insane and hormonal.

she shouldn't have lost it like that, now he thought she was a total freak and not in the good way.

The kind of freak, you ignore their texts and messages, the kind of freak you tell your friends, "Stay away, that one is totally nuts!"

She was so angry with herself, angry that she couldn't just leave well enough alone, that she just HAD to speak her mind.

She liked him, but then that one little thing; when he asked about her. her! She felt used when he brought the other girl up...

Was he just spending time with her to get information? She was hurt and angry and hormonal.

She texted him and she regretted it, no reply. She knew she was what he probably thought of her; NUTS! Totally bonkers.

Sure, he might have called her beautiful and gave every indication he liked her, but now? All hope was lost...lost with that stupid "send" button on her phone's key pad

So stupid, so bipolar. She should be shot for the protection of every single guy that showed interest. This was the second guy she had chased off.

"Good job." She thought to herself as


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