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I put my heart and soul into everything I write. Snaps, anyone who reads the things I put on paper, learn too much about me...

They will learn how much I feel, the things I've lived through, the things I've endured.

I'm I really ok with someone, anyone knowing me that well?

Strangers reading my works, I don't mind. They don't know me from Adam. But people that know me, even if it isn't very well.

Reading one of my stories, my poems, they will get to know me, on a level I'm not sure I'm ok with.

I put...

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She felt stupid. Stupid? No, she felt worse then that. She felt bipolar and insane and hormonal.

she shouldn't have lost it like that, now he thought she was a total freak and not in the good way.

The kind of freak, you ignore their texts and messages, the kind of freak you tell your friends, "Stay away, that one is totally nuts!"

She was so angry with herself, angry that she couldn't just leave well enough alone, that she just HAD to speak her mind.

She liked him, but then that one little thing; when he asked about her....

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So, maybe she wasn't what a guy wanted in a girlfriend. She was loud, and rowdy. Always speaking her mind, blunt to a fault.

She didn't know what guys wanted, They just didn't want her.

21 years old and not one date, not even a first kiss. "Failure." She breathed.

"Did you say something, Charlotte?" Her mother asked, she shook her head.

"Nope." She continued to look out the window as her mother drove down the highway.

What was wrong with her, she didn't feel ugly. and she liked her sense of humor, but then why was she so invisible...

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"Why do people have to lie?" Bridgette asked herself as she looked over the water.

The couple that passed gave her a odd look but she just shrugged, she didn't care what people thought.

"I always tell the truth, even when I probably shouldn't. So, why is it so hard for other people? Why can't they just say what they feel?"

A face of a boy she knew drifted to the forefront of her mind; sure, she already knew he liked her but did he ever tell her? No.

"Things would be so much more simple if people just spoke...

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She hated when people asked where she came from. She didn't like dwelling on the past, or for that matter, thinking of it at all.

The past made her feel weak, vulnerable. She loathed feeling that way.

She wasn't weak, like her mother. Her mother stayed with him to rot.

But not Laura, she got out as soon as she could. As far away as she could from him, the man that had the nerve to call himself her father.

He was evil, he was a monster that haunted her dreams, she hated him. Him and his "holier then though"...

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