She hated when people asked where she came from. She didn't like dwelling on the past, or for that matter, thinking of it at all.

The past made her feel weak, vulnerable. She loathed feeling that way.

She wasn't weak, like her mother. Her mother stayed with him to rot.

But not Laura, she got out as soon as she could. As far away as she could from him, the man that had the nerve to call himself her father.

He was evil, he was a monster that haunted her dreams, she hated him. Him and his "holier then though" attitude.

He was nothing. He thought her nothing. It didn't matter that she was his flesh and blood, his first born.

He hated her, the site of her and he taught her to hate it too.

But no, she was free, it had been two years since she'd seen her tormentor, but his words and cruelty were still so loud in her ear.

But she hated to dwell on the past, it wasn't who she was anymore, she was no longer in his control. He was a lier, she was special.

But deep down, she still believed him. All the things he said she was, his words kept her awake most nights.


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slugguts about 13 years ago

This reminds me of my families past.

BrittanyKirstenKenny (joined about 13 years ago)

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