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I was hit in the face with a solid WHAP!! A SMACK!! A fist hitting my face with a CRACK!! My nose is broken. Oh, why did I have to go and insult the gang leader in prison. I didn't know! All I knew was that he was being an a-hole to me, so I called him just that. And now I'm tied to a cafeteria chair and all I hear is CRACK SMACK WHAP!! The security aren't doing anything. I guess they're afraid of them too. Oh I'm screwed. Here it comes again. WHAP!!

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He stared at her, mesmerized by every breath she took. Dimly, the boy could hear her speaking, but he had absolutely no idea what the girl was saying. His attention was wholly foc...


"Mark!" Mary said irritably. "My eyes are UP HERE!"

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WHAP!! The sniper rifle cracked harshly then a second later an echoing crack sounded back across the valley. A few hundred feet below a crawler's head exploded.

Daniel smoothly reloaded and set his eye back to the scope. "Clear for now. They'll be confused by the sound, but look lively. Your boy's on the High Street heading into trouble."

Off to the edge of his vision, a runner… Runner Five? Runner Eight? broke cover, trailed by Peter. They reached Luke just as he turned the corner where a lone Zom was shambling by the corner shop.

I see Mummy....

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What would happen if I just left in the middle of the night?
He wouldn't remember you when he got older.
A price would need to be paid, but I don't know about him completely forgetting.
Personally, I think you should go.

He loped into the night, thinking and rubbing his too soft hands face, never quite sure if he had been slapped in the face.

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Whap! It him like a .... what? Whap! It did it again... that thing inside his head. He'd forgotten to take his meds... oh, many days gone by. The doctors had warned him when left the ward... Whap! It felt like... God, he couldn't have described it if he'd wanted to. He'd loved his mother.. when she was alive. Being dead didn't help his issues... his mother, not him, that is. The ward had been locked, the drugs forced on him.
He'd promised the doctors he'd take them when he got out.
He'd instead torn them up and...

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Whap! That's what the thunderbolt felt like. Never felt one before that fateful day. Not sure I can stand another.

I remember the first day I saw her, the woman of my dreams.  I didn’t know she was the woman of my dreams at first, that came the moment I saw her smile.

A colleague and I were talking one day and her name came up.  He said if you ever see her smile, you’ll never forget it.  He was right.  One day, not long after, I happened to make her smile and that was it.  That was the day the...

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She hated when people asked where she came from. She didn't like dwelling on the past, or for that matter, thinking of it at all.

The past made her feel weak, vulnerable. She loathed feeling that way.

She wasn't weak, like her mother. Her mother stayed with him to rot.

But not Laura, she got out as soon as she could. As far away as she could from him, the man that had the nerve to call himself her father.

He was evil, he was a monster that haunted her dreams, she hated him. Him and his "holier then though"...

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I was going to tell her the truth...honesty is always the best policy...right? But then I wasn't ready just yet. What would she think? How would she react? Would anything ever be the same?

"No. I can't tell her." I muttered quietly to myself. I hunched over another inch on my bar stool. I was alone although surrounded by patrons at the hotel called The Silent Sleeper's pub. The TV roared football overhead. I could hardley notice anything else in the room but the grain of the wood on the wooden bar counter in front of me, as I grew...

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