I was going to tell her the truth...honesty is always the best policy...right? But then I wasn't ready just yet. What would she think? How would she react? Would anything ever be the same?

"No. I can't tell her." I muttered quietly to myself. I hunched over another inch on my bar stool. I was alone although surrounded by patrons at the hotel called The Silent Sleeper's pub. The TV roared football overhead. I could hardley notice anything else in the room but the grain of the wood on the wooden bar counter in front of me, as I grew dizzier and then more dizzy...but the stench of ciggerettes was very strong.

I smelled something else in the air too...it smelled a lot worse and even had a bad taste...I hunched over an inch further, my face nearly into my drink...nearly drowning me...

That smell, was regret. As I put my lips to my drink sitting on the counter and slurped loudy in a drunken haze, I couldn't help but think for the ten thousdandth time today,

What if I had of told her the truth?
What if...


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