WHAP!! The sniper rifle cracked harshly then a second later an echoing crack sounded back across the valley. A few hundred feet below a crawler's head exploded.

Daniel smoothly reloaded and set his eye back to the scope. "Clear for now. They'll be confused by the sound, but look lively. Your boy's on the High Street heading into trouble."

Off to the edge of his vision, a runner… Runner Five? Runner Eight? broke cover, trailed by Peter. They reached Luke just as he turned the corner where a lone Zom was shambling by the corner shop.

I see Mummy. She's waiting for me. She sounds very very angry. The bang I heard before has made her upset. I am scared.

Then I hear feet. And Peter calling. He's telling me to come back. But Mummy is still waiting and angry and it is my fault. She has seen Peter and she's coming.


"I can't get a bead on that one. Too much cover. Want me to take the shot?" Daniel asked, but his headset was full of one sided chatter with Luke. He could barely make out the boy's responses to their pleas to run. Something about being stupid? All his fault? Mummy being angry…

"No, Peter shouted over the headset, "You're the smartest boy I know. You survived, Luke. Everyone else is dead."
"Yes, like in the Bad Films."
"Yes, even your Mummy. She's just clockwork now… Made of tin…!"


Then my best friend, Peter, does what he has never ever done. He hugs me. In front of the tall thin one with the ear thing like the Spies and the Rockstars have. And I know it is going to be ok. And now I understand. We have to run!


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DoctorMikeReddy about 11 years ago

This is the third and final part of three in response to "Big Boys don't Cry"
1st place winner of the Zombies, Run! Prose writing competition:
I didn't want to see the (unnamed) boy, Peter's friend and protagonist die. So here's a sliver of hope he'll survive.

DoctorMikeReddy almost 11 years ago

This is now available as audio as part of July 2013 #audiomo at

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