Whap! It him like a .... what? Whap! It did it again... that thing inside his head. He'd forgotten to take his meds... oh, many days gone by. The doctors had warned him when left the ward... Whap! It felt like... God, he couldn't have described it if he'd wanted to. He'd loved his mother.. when she was alive. Being dead didn't help his issues... his mother, not him, that is. The ward had been locked, the drugs forced on him.
He'd promised the doctors he'd take them when he got out.
He'd instead torn them up and thrown them in the nearest garbage can.
He'd lost his apartment during the six weeks he'd been incarcerated in the ward.
Now, he had nothing but the sound inside his head.
Whap! It was wearing away at his sanity, which according to the doctors, he'd already lost. He hated the doctors. He hated everyone, which is how he'd wound up on the ward. He'd whapped his boss over the head. God, it had felt good. Whap! just like that, the man went down. But had it beenw worth it. Six weeks in a locked ward... enough meds to choke an elephant. Now what! No job, no home, no money.
Whap! Reality was gaining speed on him, impinging on his fantasies of a paranoid nature.
What becomes of people who belong nowhere.
Do they disappear into a world of Whap, or what!? Do tell!


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sci fi literary dark fantasy


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