"No. Seriously. More natural. It won't kill you.

"What? The camera. The wait, though. The wait might kill me.

"You, sit down. No, please. *Please* sit down. No, not you. Because you're in white trousers, that's why!

"Look, I know this is new. This is new to me, too. But in the future? Oh, yes! In the future! This will be the thing. THE. THING.

"What? No. No, they won't need flash pans. I'm certain. Or these -- these tents. No, they'll be able to carry them around in their pockets. No, not like those pockets. No, sir, please, hands out of your pocket. You're blocking your watch fob.

"Oh, good! Yes! Dancing! Dancing is good! Just -- wait, don't kick her! Oh, she's not? OK. That's good.

"OK, you? Lean on your umbrella. And you? Lean on a stick, please. And you? Um -- another stick? Surely there's another stick. Let me -- oh, wait, there's another stick. Here you go.

"OK, you, in the front. Seriously, you don't care about those trousers? In the future, I'm sure it won't be a big deal. They'll be very good at cleaning stains away. What? No, I don't think that will fit in their pockets, no. They'll need room for their pocket-watches.

"Seriously, miss? Yes, you. Young miss. Why are you kicking -- and not really decent, no? Mom, it's OK?

"OK, everyone say something. Not "fromage". You'll be frowning. Something ... something else? What? No, I have no idea what I'm talking about either. Just freeze. For a bit.

"Cause you know, in the future? This will be faster, too. Seriously, dude: white trousers? CHEESE!"


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mcgees.org about 12 years ago

Thank you, @DazedPuckBunny and @Aureliana!

DazedPuckBunny over 12 years ago

Hee, I tried fromage just now and did indeed frown! Cheese is so much better. Cute story. :)

Aureliana over 12 years ago

ROFL!! ヽ(⌒∇⌒)ノ

As a sometimes-photographer-of-people (I much prefer storms, they are far more cooperative), I must say that this rings so very true!! Thank you so much for the laugh! (∩_∩)

mcgees.org (joined over 12 years ago)
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