like a breeze?
this prompt sucks, she said as she typed away. thoughts aflutter even while she cursed whoever suggested it.

wasting time. time. like a breeze. sucksucksuck
sucking me out of existence, whooshing me past all opportunities. the wind too strong to lift my arm to grab the hand of the One thing that might save me from wasting more.
and yet, i experience. time flying by, whirlwind, and little i. left with the experience. like a breath. the wind.. swirled into the lung. exhaled, expelled, exploded back out.
all connected.

does wind have any way of Not be connected?
it rips through you.

the seconds tick by, and here i am letting them i watch them tick by. i don't know what to contribute. then there's the mind again. aching to get something, Anything out!
Don't. Let It. Go. To Waste!


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justagirl about 11 years ago

i didn't realize it was free form friday ;) i'm new :)

Galen about 11 years ago

No worries! Good point though – I should change the text to explain that for the new writers. Thanks for that inadvertent advice. :)

justagirl (joined about 11 years ago)

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Blank Prompt

Freeform prompt. Every Friday, writers face a blank page without any prompt. They write whatever they want in six minutes or less.
Prompt suggested by Galen


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