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i am forgetting about the prompt.

a woman came in, a regular.
one of the town 'crazies'
may i just say, i love this woman.
even though her choice of topics can and frequently are controversial- even though i've disagreed and even gotten upset over her opinions- i love her.
she is a free spirit
a real independent
doesn't care what you think or what they say- she has her facts and she is sticking to them

though most who know her (or know of her) would laugh or quite honestly have it in for me-
i find her inspiring...

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Leaving was not a new idea.
it was a known fact that it was the Best idea.
but leaving.. was Not the easiest.
it wasn't the packing or the finding-a-new-home
or all of the usual headaches-

it was what was being left behind

this not-so-little conundrum has kept me here for exactly three years to the date.

you see..
it was built here, it can't leave here..

literaly, it cannot fit out the door.

saw it in half and take both pieces? ..no
burn it and save the ashes? but it's full!

stay? i guess so..

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i wanted more tattoos
watching the brother and girlfriend get their's didn't help
but the funds weren't in order
the timing wasn't right

ryan talked me up-
gave me more ideas- made me crazy with anticipation

the elephant
the neatest idea yet
the elephant skeleton

done in blue.. from white to navy blue

want want want

but.. must wait wait wait

the elephant dragged it's feet

and as for now
..is dragging still

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that's my sister
o, she was a riot, she was
Always with the arms
it was natural, ya know
used them to talk-
but you gave her a sip of alcohol-
o girl
Wam Wam-
even my brothers would avoid standing too close
i've had many bruises over the years due to a night on the town with that girl

.. now, not that she'd fight-
just scream and laugh and ..Punch your shoulder instead of slapping it

"she's singing in this photo though, correct mrs. Neel"

o, well, yes of course she's singing, boy.

she had a beautiful...

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you can count me out
not doin' it
nooo wayyy
screw that
I Said No.

..alright let's do it

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Gorgeous, yes. but pretty? No, that was reserved for young girls and poofy dresses. She was Beyond pretty. Uck, just saying it made her cringe. Pretty?
and he thought he had given a compliment.

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what to do in the gutter
with your mind all aflutter

one could tie their shoe
or sniff glue

you could clip your nails
or make trails

i could learn to flip it
or just do a whippit

he could switch his socks
or sleep with a fox

she could play with pip
or learn to nip

they could read a book
or just get hooked

whatever it is they you or i decide to do
be quick
there are only so many minutes

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like a breeze?
this prompt sucks, she said as she typed away. thoughts aflutter even while she cursed whoever suggested it.

wasting time. time. like a breeze. sucksucksuck
sucking me out of existence, whooshing me past all opportunities. the wind too strong to lift my arm to grab the hand of the One thing that might save me from wasting more.
and yet, i experience. time flying by, whirlwind, and little i. left with the experience. like a breath. the wind.. swirled into the lung. exhaled, expelled, exploded back out.
all connected.

does wind have any way of Not be...

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