Sometimes she walked the path alone. she was happy with this. She at birth was know as Alison, now she is know as Lamb. now Lamb was a simple yet complex person. on occasion she'll say thing that are deep for things that are undeserving of even the slightest words.Lamb sometimes even gives Stories to the mundane. Like the other day as she was walking she watch a paper bag drift about the lane, she named it jelly and said jelly was lost without it's family, but had to leave for some quest. Lamb didn't know but that's what she had been doing.


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Galen about 11 years ago

Intriguing. Does want more.

b23cml (joined over 11 years ago)

Student. Dreamer. I am on the twitter!/b23cml

Photography and Drawing are just a few of my other creative hobbies.

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random short Lamb Lovely


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