The traitor looked at the girl with caramel coloured eyes through the bars of her cell. His glance paused at her bare breasts, then travelled up to meet her shimmering gaze.
"All you had to do was look the other way, and run with the rest of them," he said. "But no. Your stubborn principles got in the way and look where they have brought you."
The girl stared at him, whishing daggers in his eyes, his heart and his groin.
"Now, now," he said. "You don't seem too receptive to the guards advances. It's a shame, things would be much easier on you if you surrendered."
The girl with the caramel coloured eyes looked up and spit in his face.
He wiped the spit with the back of his hand.
"Fine, say hello to your father for me," he said, unlocking the barred door.
Just then a terrible crash could be heard. The stones in the walls shook and tumbled to the ground.
An explosion rocked the castle, and then another. Shrapnel and debris were flying everywhere, fires broke out and smoke filled the corridor. The man fell to the ground coughing.
The girl looked out the hole in the wall and jumped.


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Prompt (write a story including these elements)

hero A girl with caramel colored eyes
villain A traitor with a dark past
goal escape the chaos... before it's too late
Prompt suggested by Gone Awry


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