Finally. Mom would be pissed, dad will be furious, and well, Auntie Selah will have a martini in my honor.
Perfect for me? Good family? Education, potential, background of a presidents son, check.
But he totally does not give a shit about what is most important to me. He refuses to accept my reasoning that animals are here for their own purposes and are not for consumption, entertainment, or anything else. I am VEGAN. He is cruel enough to smile through dinners, arguing with me that this is all very temporary and that as soon as we are married he'll have his way with me AND I'll eat what I'm told.
Auntie Selah suspected all along I was miserable, but it had been forever that everyone assumed I'd marry Colin. Nope. Not happening. Cheers, Auntie Selah.
Please help me return the wedding gifts. I won't be needing that egg poacher any time soon.


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ganymeder over 11 years ago

Ha! Great last line. :)

SelahWrites (joined over 11 years ago)

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