There's nothing like a few moments watching television while eating popcorn and drinking lemonade. Kelly absolutely loves watching television.

Unfortunately, she works second shift and misses a lot of her favorite primetime shows. Thank God for TiVo, right?


She can fast forward between comercials, record anything she likes and relive all her funny, tear jerking, pulse racing moments at the click of a button. So long as she has the room on her beloved TiVo, Kelly can rule the world.

Right now, she just wants to pause. All that lemonade and popcorn from the begining is starting to catch up. So, she picks up her remote.

"Shoot." She mutters to herself, slamming on the TiVo remote repeatedly.

Why aren't the people freezing?

Gosh, she's got to potty.

So, Kelly gets up and starts looking on the actual DVR system to find some button she can push. Wouldn't you know it? There is no pause button on the device. So, she tries the remote again, dancing around, clenching her thighs together.


Nothing is going her way. Kelly tries pushing other buttons on the remote just to see what happens. The rewind button works, and so does the fastforward. No pause.


And speaking of crap, she has to do that, too. Ooohhh...

She clinches her thighs closer together, desperately pushing buttons on the remote. She starts humming to the dancing she's doing. "Come on, come on, come on...wait! What? NOO!"

The program she was watching has been erased from her once beloved TiVo.

And a warm trickling is easing down her legs...


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RebeccaEmin almost 12 years ago

Ha! Good one. Made me laugh at the end.

HeatherGwrites almost 12 years ago

Made me laugh while writing it. Glad you liked! :)

HeatherGwrites (joined almost 12 years ago)
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hero Girl
villain Broken TiVo
goal Potty break
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