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I write and am in a long term relationship with chocolate. Yummmmyyy!!! (I'm also random to a fault.)


"Wait, so he hit you?"

"Girl, yes! And do you know what else?"

Amber was now at the edge of her seat. "You better tell me, girl."

Quanta proceeded to pop her gum as she said, "Girl, yes. He hit me, and had the nerve to tell me that I deserved it! Can you believe that madness?"

Amber's neck should have popped from the force of her head falling back. "Oh, no he didn't!"

"I know!" Quanta rolled her eyes. "He said I deserved it, because dinner wasn't ready when he got home. What kind of mess is that?"


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Until now, she'd never thought of herself as pretty. And it was very hard for her to. What, with her being overweight. To people of this society, fatties are not pretties.

At least, that's what her father has always told her.

But right now. Standing here right now. Before him. He, who can't seem to look away.

She feels like Halle Berry.

In a simple pair of blue jeans, and a T - Shirt, she walked outside to get the mail. She forgotten that her sister was going out with a bunch of her friends. Assuming she wasn't invited on...

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Water. Surrounded her from every direction on the huge cruise ship. She loved being out in the ocean, looking out as far as she could see and seeing nothing but water.

Her husband, on the other hand...

"Honey, please get up. Open your eyes and see!"

He shook his head, grasping tighter to his paper bag. "Shouldn't have allowed you to talk me into this...never should have listened to you."

She sighed, thinking her husband sounded so sickly and confused. Sad thing is he never threw up, loaded up on motion sickness meds weeks in advanced, and he barely felt...

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That's the sound of the horn that Stacey heard every night, at all hours. Seems her neighbor's boyfriend always wanted to pick her up at all hours of the night.

Now, Stacey didn't care what people did with thier time. She didn't care what her neighbor and her boyfriend did whenever they went out. She didn't even care what time they did any of this. The problem was her neighbor's boyfriend couldn't seem to lay off the horn.

Tonight, Stacey got home with an attitude. Her inbox at work never seemed to see the...

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That's all the six year old girl would eat. And it seemed that no matter what else I tried to serve her, potatoes was it. She wouldn't try anything else. Wouldn't look at anything else. All she ever wanted? Potatoes.

"Honey, what are we supposed to do?" I sighed, sliding into bed that night. "We went out to the Olive Garden. And she asked for potatoes!"

My husband chuckled a little. "Well, look on the bright side: at least it's a vegetable she wants. Could be worse."

"This is bad enough! No protein! No grain! Heck, even sugar would...

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She didn't look at him.

Instead, she stared out of the window, quivering as though she would cry at any second.

"Bev?" Steven called out tentatively.

She shook her head, still not looking at him. All Steven wanted was for her to look at him. Her gorgeous green stare always made him breathless. She always made him happy.

But now? He screwed up.

"Beverly, c'mon. Say something."

She stared out of her window as though he weren't even there. He walked closer and reached out to touch her shoulder. "Beverly-"

Jerking back violently, she twisted his direction and snarled, "Don't....

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She sat in her car, staring up at the Motel 6. After begging her boss to let her off early, she almost wished he would have said no. If her boss knew what she was up to, he probably would have.

"I shouldn't be here," she whispered to herself, staring at the motel key Steve gave to her.

But she also knew she wanted to be. The same battle she has every Sunday night at about nine thirty. It's always the same. Leave work two hours early, come spend time with Steve. It's become as easy as blinking; automatic, and...

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Sarah was really thirsty.

So, she picked up the bottle of Vodka and took a huge swig. She's done this repeatedly throught the course of the day.

Yep. Still thirsty.

Maybe not sober...but then again, this isn't the point.

"Sarah?" she heard someone call her. Her name continued to be repeated throught her apartment. Of course, no one would think she would be where she is. If she's lucky, whoever is looking for her would continue their search elsewhere.

And by elsewhere, she meant anywhere but here.

The door opened, and light stabbed her eyes causing Sarah to groan.


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Once, in Beijing, a young girl in a red gown huddled in a doorway. The boy standing across the street couldn't help but notice her. He thought she looked a little curious as to what he was doing just standing on the other side of the street.

He totally forgotten the reason himself. He couldn't wrench his eyes off her no matter how hard he tried.

Her dark brown hair ran down her sides like silk, ending where her waist begins. The crimson red of her gown brought out the tan of her skin, and fit just lovely on her...

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Marvin hates it when things don't go according to plan. It's quite simple really: when a person calls you, you answer the phone.

But, this just isn't going to happen, now is it? In fact, it's never gonna happen.

Not as long as he can't get away from Melinda.

"...so, my dad was all angry, you know? He told me that I had to help him with the yard work, and I didn't want to-"

"That's great, but-"

"-I'm not even good at yard work! Allergies and all of that? Yeah, allergies can really get a person down. The worst...

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