Marvin hates it when things don't go according to plan. It's quite simple really: when a person calls you, you answer the phone.

But, this just isn't going to happen, now is it? In fact, it's never gonna happen.

Not as long as he can't get away from Melinda.

", my dad was all angry, you know? He told me that I had to help him with the yard work, and I didn't want to-"

"That's great, but-"

"-I'm not even good at yard work! Allergies and all of that? Yeah, allergies can really get a person down. The worst time I've ever had with allergies, both of my eyes were swollen completely shut! That was a doozie! Had to get help to the hospital so they could take care of that-"

Marvin looked down at his phone at his desk. There was no getting out of his cubicle, and no answering his phone, either. Who knew who was on the line? Only that his phone kept ringing.

Just like Melinda kept talking.

"-found out I was allergic to decongestants? Crazy, huh? My hubbie says some people are, and it makes thier hearts race. Mine was racing like a friggin' race horse, if you get my meaning, and-"


She froze and looked at him. "What?"

Marvin tilted his head towards his phone, that was still shrilling, begging to be answered.

"Oh, your phone is ringing?" she smiled. "I have an answer to that."

Would you believe her answer was picking the phone up, and quickly replacing it back on it's hook?

Marvin's eyes bulged out, and his mouth was opened wide.

"So, anywho," Melinda leaned against his desk, "I was telling you how I'm allergic to decongestants-"

"Melinda!" Marvin stood, frowning, "Who friggin cares?"

At that, he walked away from her, and she was silent for once.


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hero Marvin
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goal Answer the phone
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