She didn't look at him.

Instead, she stared out of the window, quivering as though she would cry at any second.

"Bev?" Steven called out tentatively.

She shook her head, still not looking at him. All Steven wanted was for her to look at him. Her gorgeous green stare always made him breathless. She always made him happy.

But now? He screwed up.

"Beverly, c'mon. Say something."

She stared out of her window as though he weren't even there. He walked closer and reached out to touch her shoulder. "Beverly-"

Jerking back violently, she twisted his direction and snarled, "Don't. Touch. Me."

Her eyes were murderous...and the hatred he saw in her cool blue depths frightened him.

"How could you do it?" she shook her head. "How could you do this to me? To us? Don't you love me?"

"Bev, I-"

Holding up a hand and shaking her head, she sighed, "You know what? Please don't answer that. I...just don't. Ok?"

She folded her arms around herself as though she needed the comfort from someone other than him. How he wanted to touch her...

"Listen, Bev. I'm so sorry. I really am. It was a mistake? Alright? Too much alcohol, and-"

"At your business party?" she shrilled. "How long have you been looking at Nancy, huh? How long has she been on your mind? You can't tell me this just happend. You had to have wanted her long before that blasted Christmas party."

"We're not attracted to each other at all!" Steven tried to explain. "We were just...I don't know. We were just there., it was the biggest mistake of my life!"

"You know that's right. And you'll pay for it, too," she stalked away from him, over to the front door of thier home. "Go to her. Maybe she'll take you in."

His mouth grew slack. "Bev...Bev, come on. What are you saying?"

"Isn't it obvious? I'm done! I can't do this anymore! I can't..."

She stammered a bit over her tears, and seemed to scratch the tears away from her face. "Just...please, leave. Ok?"

Steven shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. "No...Beverly, I won't leave you."

"You won't?" she looked difiantly at him. Finally she grabbed her purse from the couch, and stalked away. "Then I will."


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Whew. Intense.

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