Until now, she'd never thought of herself as pretty. And it was very hard for her to. What, with her being overweight. To people of this society, fatties are not pretties.

At least, that's what her father has always told her.

But right now. Standing here right now. Before him. He, who can't seem to look away.

She feels like Halle Berry.

In a simple pair of blue jeans, and a T - Shirt, she walked outside to get the mail. She forgotten that her sister was going out with a bunch of her friends. Assuming she wasn't invited on principle, she didn't bother getting ready.

They weren't going anywhere special. Just the movies. But, even still...she didn't think she'd be invited. So, she simply decided on staying home.

Opening the mail box, she heard someone clear their throat.

"You're Beth, right?"

That was all he had to say to get her attention. She looked over and saw him wearing the warmest of smiles. She merely nodded as his rich brown eyes glowed.

"I'm Tony. Why aren't you going with us?"

She blinked several times, placing a hand on her disheveled hair. "I'm...I'm not dressed for this."

He chuckled. "The movies? You're perfect."

She hesitated once more. "Your friends wouldn't want me to tag along."

"Nonsense," he shook his head. "And even if they didn't, I want you to. I want to watch this movie with you."

He grabbed her hand and smiled that warm, infectious smile again. And she felt that glow. That beautiful feeling that made her feel...



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Until now, she'd never thought of herself as pretty.
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