The old man walked through a park. His suit was great, with a white shirt underneath and a grey tie. Meandering, he strolled along the walk way, no intention to end up anywhere.

He appeared to be in his 70s, although, the hazards of age seemed unnoticeable in his demeanor. He didn't shuffle, he wasn't hunched over and his head did not hang.

He glanced at his watch.

"Dear me, I am going to be late."

His meandering stopped and his direction became purposeful. His gait was long and graceful. Men his age should not cover this much distance.

Rounding a corner, and as he was looking at his watch again, he bumped into an old woman. She was carrying groceries.

"My goodness, I do apologize. Here let me help you," he said as he had no issue with squatting down and picking up the contents that had fallen out of the woman's grocery bag.

"Bless you, sir," she responded.

"I am sorry, my dear."

"It's ok, really. Thank you."

She shuffled away from him and he stood there watching her leave. As she walked away, all he could think about was how wonderful people are here. He would truly love to stay, but he had his meeting to attend, and then he must catch his flight back home.

He walked quickly, almost there.

Then he saw her. All black and sitting at a chess table in the park.


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