That's the sound of the horn that Stacey heard every night, at all hours. Seems her neighbor's boyfriend always wanted to pick her up at all hours of the night.

Now, Stacey didn't care what people did with thier time. She didn't care what her neighbor and her boyfriend did whenever they went out. She didn't even care what time they did any of this. The problem was her neighbor's boyfriend couldn't seem to lay off the horn.

Tonight, Stacey got home with an attitude. Her inbox at work never seemed to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her boss couldn't wore her name out so much that Stacey may just have to get another one. Not to mention the traffic, the fact that she dozed off while waiting for dinner to cook (so it burned), or that her favorite T.V show was interrupted with a special news bulletin.

Needless to say, Stacey's day sucked. And she couldn't wait for it to end.

Sleep was something that took the contents of the old day and burried them somewhere she'd never look for again. Problem is, when she tries to sleep...


Stacey opened her eyes, and glanced at the red digital numbers on her alarm clcok. 2:45 A.M.

No. Friggin. Way.

She stood and looked out her blinds.

Parked outside on the street was the bright yellow Hum V, with the idiot box also known as her neighbor's boyfriend.

And, of course, he was laying in on the horn.


Well. Never again, Stacey decided.

She grabbed what she needed and went outside. His hand seemed to be glued to the horn. She couldn't believe it. Walking slowly, eye lids sagging low from drousiness.

And a stupid horn that grated on her nerves and her sleep.

Once Stacey reached the Hum V, she knocked politely on the window. Idiot box looked over, puzzled, and rolled the window down.

He looked at her as though she were lost. Stacey lifted her hand and raised a bull horn to his ear.


Right in his ear.

He howled, clamping his hands over his ears.

After about 60 seconds of that, she stood there for another ten glaring at him. Then, she went back in the house and tucked herself in to bed.

Never again did a horn beep on her street while she slept.


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Galen almost 10 years ago

Ah, revanche.

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