After years of experience, Todd knew that the best way to eat a pocket watch was in the reclining position. It aided with digestion. This was already his fifth watch of the afternoon, but his hunger was nearly insatiable. His favorite parts were the delicate gear mechanisms; they cracked between his teeth like the fine bones in canned salmon.

After he finished his watch, Todd hopped up and hiked back to the trail. He hid among the underbrush and waited for the next group of passers-by. It was just sheer luck that he was in the forest this weekend at the same time as a group of train station attendants, all of who wore their uniforms, with their little pocket watches neatly tucked in their vests.

Todd picked at some leaves on the plants around him as he waited. Finally, he heard the rustling and wheezing of the attendants and the tick-tick-ticking of their watches. He salivated.

When they were about three meters in front of him, Todd sprang out from the foliage and took the group by surprise. He brandished his wooden staff and whooped and hollered, eventually scaring the attendants into submission. Then he proceeded to collect the watches.

It was a bumper crop.


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Galen over 11 years ago

Hah! Delightfully imaginative.

theshooz76 (joined over 11 years ago)
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